The definitive guide to all of Kylie Jenner’s many adorable and tiny dogs

When it comes to animals most of us can peg if we’re a dog person or a cat person and there is no question that Kylie Jenner is a dog person because she has so many of them herself.  Looking through her social media channels, it’s very clear Kylie Jenner has many dogs and how much she loves her little fur babies is so noticeable it makes us swoon.

If we had to guess, her love for dogs started when she was very young because she’s always had them around. From the earliest seasons of Keeping Up with the KardashiansKylie’s love for small dogs grew from her childhood Chihuahua named Dolce. While we didn’t get to see too much of the adorable pet in the show, and he’s since passed away, Kylie’s love for her first pet lives on through her Kylie’s Lip Kit line since she named a color after him.

“Dolce was my childhood dog and I was obsessed with him! she writes on an Instagram screen shot showing her loving on the pup. “He still holds a special place in my heart, which is why I named Dolce K from the Kylie Lip Kit after him.

We all tend to have our favorite dog breeds and for Kylie she seems quite smitten with the small Italian greyhound dogs and long-haired dachshund dogs because she’s adopted several of each.

Sophia is a cute black and white Italian greyhound dog she adopted back in 2015, joining her two older dogs of the same breed, Norman and Bambi.

We don’t see too much of cute Sophia, the black and white greyhound in the middle of that photo, much on her social media accounts recently so we’re not entirely sure she’s still living with the star.

The 19-year-old also has Dachshund pups named Ernie, a brown-red long-haired dog, and Penny, a white and brown short-haired pup. Both are wildly adorable and according to Jenner, they’re “best friends.”

Ernie sometimes like to star in the reality star’s social photo shares and he always steals the show.

Penny seems to be a lot cuddlier than her best friend and you can almost tell she knows that she’s one of the cutest things on the planet.

I mean, just look at her!

There are two dogs that we see featured more often on her social channels than the others so we’re calling these two, not her favorites, but her right-hand pups.

Norman and Bambi, the two Italian greyhounds we met earlier with Sophia, are treated like the star’s babies and you can see how much she loves on these two. And looking at them, it’s so easy to see why.

The two are so famous for being adorable that they have their own Instagram account, which none of the star’s other dogs have.

Norman and Bambi recently became parents and now have two adorable baby Italian greyhounds and it’s almost too much to handle.

If you thought that was enough dogs for the star to swoon over, especially with two brand new puppies, you don’t know her love for dogs.

Kylie recently introduced another dog to her family, a gorgeous Siberian Husky, and while she hasn’t shared the pup’s name yet, she’s been showing him off on Snapchat and he’s perfection.

Khloe was over to Kylie’s house meeting the new member of the family and she was clearly taken by his adorableness, too.

While it’s hard to lose count to how many dogs Kylie Jenner is caring for at any given time, it’s very clear that she cares an awful lot about them.

There’s no shortage of love and cuddles here!

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