“The Crown” on Netflix is as good as we expected — Here’s what the internet is saying

If a show is produced by Netflix, it is bound to be a hit! But still when the clock struck midnight this Friday we waited with baited breath to hear the verdict of the new Netflix produced show The Crown. Well ladies we are happy to inform you that the general public is LOVING the show! We recommend that you cancel all plans for Friday night, because once you watch the premiere, you are bound to get sucked in for the rest of the season.

The Crown revolves around Queen Elizabeth II as a 25-year-old newlywed leading the world’s most famous monarchy. Not only is she focused on being a wife, mother AND Queen to The British Empire, but we also get a look into Queen Elizabeth II struggling to forge a relationship with Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. You’ve heard us right THE Sir Winston Churchill.

We’re personally obsessed with what we have seen thus far because we get a look into the Queen’s private journey behind the facade we are used to seeing. Although the occasional royal beheading in past royal shows provided intrigue for the viewers, we welcome the slower pace of the show. It captivates you, without overwhelming you.

Don’t try to watch the show before you go out because it will suck you in and you will regret going out.

We totally agree that one just KNOWS when a show will be a hit.

Also we can’t comment on #Brexit because we are super stressed about our own elections this Tuesday but the coincidences were so there.

Everyone agrees that Matt Smith as Prince Phillip was the absolute best choice because #HeartEyeEmoji

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So if you need us we’ll be binge-watching the show for the rest of the night!

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