The creator of “Mr. Robot” is rebooting this sci-fi masterpiece

One of the touchstones of modern-era science fiction is Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis. Its exploration of — among other things — gender, class, and resurrection extends its relevance beyond just its time, but it’s its iconic robot figure that really remains in collective cultural memory.

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Now, a man with a taste for all things robot is helping to bring Metropolis into our modern TV era.

Sam Esmail, the creator of USA’s delectably twisty cyber drama Mr. Robot, is working on a miniseries adaptation of the film.

Personally, I find the prospect of an Esmail-guided Metropolis reboot to be pretty amazing. Mr. Robot is a show that explores — among other things — gender, class, and resurrection, so Esmail can handle that complicated subject matter with some experience already. That said, a show reboot doesn’t have to be completely faithful to the original source material, so Esmail and co. have freedom to switch up the film’s location, time period, and central roles.

The Metropolis miniseries is reportedly only juuuust starting development, so Esmail will likely keep helping Mr. Robot in the meantime. But it’s not too early to start thinking of possible fancasts, right?! At least for me, there’s one person who should immediately come to mind: