The Coffee Table with Sunnie Brook

In Los Angeles, where we drive everywhere in our secluded cars, it’s hard to accidentally run into people… but not with this lady! We’ve had serendipitous run-ins and I can’t help but believe it’s for a reason! With effortless beauty inside and out, get inspired and wired with celebrity hairdresser and beauty blogger:

Currently Brewing Professionally, I’ve been styling and cutting a lot of hair for my celebrity clients who have been doing press and music videos, some of whom have been nominated for a few Grammy’s! In the new year, I am collaborating with one of my favorite jewelry designers on a few hair accessories. Personally, I’ve been loving my time working with the women of Two Wings, helping them learn what their strengths and dreams are so they can pursue their passion profession.   Favorite Drink

I am a tea addict as it has so many amazing benefits. I’ve actually created an organic Beauty Tea that all proceeds benefit the women of Two Wings. When it comes to coffee, though, I can’t help but have a dry non-fat cappuccino (my friends and I call it an Al-paccino). I also devour espresso poured over ice cream… two of my favorite things! 

It’s the Little Things

  • People
  • Heart to Hearts
  • The Ocean
  • Music

My Coffee Table

I had this wood bench-like table in my mind for years and years. I looked and looked because it had to be the right type of wood, finish and texture. I saw this one at Live Style in Venice and had a “I finally found you!” the moment I saw this. It is possibly my most favorite piece of furniture in my place. 

Items on my table: Laptop – I run a beauty blog with my beauty how-tos and product picks. I spend my mornings before heading off to set answering questions from readers and writing upcoming posts. Towel, Beauty Tea, Bobby Pins – These are all items found in my online beauty shop that benefits the women of Two Wings.  I use the towel to decorate my table as I love the pop of color. My Beauty Tea is delicious and keeps my skin and body healthy. These bobby pins are matte and the best I have used as they won’t budge keeping your style perfectly in place! Darling Magazine – The Art of Being a Woman. I adore this magazine! Working in the fashion and celebrity industry can be glamorous and exciting but it is so refreshing to read a well written smart woman’s magazine that is about celebrating all the dynamics of being a women. This is a regular go-to for me for inspiration in my heart and creatively.

Words of Wisdom

Never stop hoping and dreaming.

Be open handed with everything you have from your heart to your home.

Always love and forgive.

Embrace each day one at a time and give your best.

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