The cast members of “iCarly” reunited this weekend and had the most epically cute Halloween costumes

Any time cast members of our favorite shows (especially OG Nickelodeon shows) get together we have a little bit of a freak-out. So when the iCarly cast got together in costume with friends to partake in some Halloween festivities, we almost didn’t make it. The whole thing is just too cute.

The group portrayed the meddling “Mystery Gang” from Scooby-Doo, a fairly popular group costume for funny friends. But we have to give major kudos to the iCarly friends because they fully committed to their characters. Friend of Cosgrove and McCurdy, Colton Tran, even died his hair to pull off the perfect Fred. That’s dedication!

Check out how well they perfected their costumes:

We just want to hang out with them!

The full cast recently reunited in September and proved via Instagram that they love they have for each other is still as strong as ever. Nathan Kress joked in his caption that, “The semi-bi-annual iCarly ‘Where Are We Now?’ conference was last night.”

We wish that was a real thing TBH.

While talking about her new series, Crowded on AOL Build,Cosgrove mentioned that she would love to do an actual iCarly reunion. Although she said she pretty much does a reunion every day in L.A. with Jennette, and that Jennette sleeps over all the time, Cosgrove would very much like to do an actual reunion with the full cast. She especially wants to know what’s going on with Carly’s mom! As do we, Miranda! As do we!

But until the reunion or the next “Where Are We Now?” conference happens, these Cosgrove/McCurdy Halloween pics will keep us going.

This truly has been a happy Halloween. Someone let us know ASAP when this friend group is taking applications, because we want in.

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