“The Big Bang Theory’s” Jim Parsons opened up about why he waited so long to get married

When you think of celebrities in committed relationships, this guy might come to mind: Jim Parsons wed Todd Spiewak after 15 years together. So you figure that after all that time, they’d be extremely excited and prepared to have a big wedding, right? Well, that wasn’t totally the case for these two, who just said “I do” this past May.

Of course, one of the reasons they waited so long is that same-sex marriage took awhile to become legal. But on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Parsons admitted that there were other reasons why he didn’t tie the knot years ago.

The Big Bang Theory star just wants to let you know that while the reasons sound a little cold, they’re not meant to be.


"We just didn't care about the act of it that much, to be honest with you, and that sounds cold in a way," Parsons said. "But I finally thought, let's have a party then for the celebration of and we'll go ahead and legalize this thing. And I really thought it would kind of end at that — kind of a party feel."

As it turns out, his feelings on marriage and weddings actually got a lot stronger after getting hitched. And we totally get where he’s coming from.

"It was so much more meaningful in the moment than I predicted and it's been resonantly more meaningful to me afterward than I saw coming," he stated.

Still, Parsons — who stopped by the late-night show to promote his spin-off, Young Sheldon — forgets that he’s married every once in awhile. Which is totally relatable — especially for those of us in long-term relationships.

"We're a legal thing just like mom and dad were," he quipped.

We wish Parsons and Spiewak many, many happily wedded years together!

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