We’ve got our first look at the new ‘Big Bang Theory’ season, and it’s all about the love

Fall TV is so close, and we can barely wait. Thankfully, we’re getting the occasional sneak peek and trailer to help us make it through the final stretch. Today, we were gifted with a little look at the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory, and now we are psyched for Leonard and Penny’s wedding.

The clip is just under a minute, but you definitely get a sense of how their big day is going. Is it possible for a sitcom wedding to go off without a hitch? Even if it is, Leonard and Penny are dealing with some less than ideal circumstances. Is potpourri a substitute for rose petals? I’m not quite sold.

Of course, the rose petals aren’t the only hitch in their plans to get hitched. Is Penny really going to forgive Leonard for kissing another woman? According to the executive produce of the show, Steve Molaro, this season is going to look at how the couples get past those rough spots in their relationships.

“People have rocky patches in their lives — Sheldon and Amy and Leonard and Penny and you can either give up or you can work on them,” Molaro told EW. “I would say, for both couples, sometimes things need to get worse before they get better.”

So will Leonard and Penny make it through? We’ll have to wait and see. Big Bang returns on September 21st, but until then we have this sneak peek to hold us over.


(Image via CBS)


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