The tights that will change how you feel about tights

It’s tights season and we love tights. Who doesn’t love tights? But the problem with most tights is that they live up to their name: They’re way too tight. Sure, they look good and keep your legs warm, but who actually likes the feeling of a skintight waistband digging into your stomach/hips/love handles/insert-squishy-body-part-here?

As someone who wears Lululemon leggings as regular pants entirely because of the trimming, but-still-comfortable waistband technology, I could not have been more excited to hear about a new line of tights that solves the same problem. Introducing Wade & Belle, the “no-dig” tights that lie completely flat across your stomach. Not sure how it’s even possible, but suddenly I can wear my most unforgiving dresses without having to resort to anything labeled “control top.” They also happen to be versatile, totally cute, and duh, comfy.

Experience the magic (and all the perfect patterns) here.