The Best In Tech Fashion

In a time where we are all glued to our gadgets 24/7, it’s nice to know there are fashionable options for our many toys. From designer cases, to personalized covers and metallic headphones, there is truly something for everyone. Here are 10 tech fashion items I’m currently lusting. Which one is your favorite? Are you into trendy accessories for your phones, cameras and e-readers or could you care less? Sound off below ?

  1. Native Union iPhone 5 case $50
  2. Moschino iPhone 4/4s “Call Me” case $39
  3. Monster power headphones $170
  4. SMS headphones $180
  5. Urban Code leather faux snake print iPad case $48
  6. Rebecca Minkoff DSLR camera bag $195
  7. Y_3 laptop backpack $245
  8. Givenchy croc embossed iPhone case $209
  9. Dabney Lee personalized tablet case (iPad & Kindle) $80
  10. Michael Kors iPhone case & wallet $118