The best guy ever built a massive Star Wars fort and we kinda want to play in it

Warning: you are about to see major #craftgoals right here when you see the impressive Star Wars fort that YouTuber Colin Furze built. Yes, you read that right: a real-life version of the Imperial walker now exists, and it’s basically the coolest thing ever. Furze is known for his crazy stunts and daring adventures, and this off-beat creation is perhaps his greatest work ever. This massive Star Wars fort apparently took Colin Furze a month to make. How he constructed such a magnificent creation in just 30 short days, we don’t know. But we’re totally here for it.

If you are anything like us, you wondering why George Lucas hasn’t hired Colin Furze yet. Furze’s Imperial walker has fully functional components like laser cannons that move laterally as well as a loading ramp that descends from its belly! He’d be a perfect set designer, right? Or if that doesn’t work, perhaps he can sell his creations to all us humble peons drooling over his ability to create the coolest fort ever.

Although we probably won’t have a giant Imperial walker of our own any time soon, one lucky boy has benefitted from Colin’s creation. According to The Daily Dot, a young child was the benefactor of this massive fort and it’s currently is chilling in the kid’s backyard jam packed and with Star Wars toys.

Could you imagine waking up to this awesome monstrosity in your backyard every day? That totally beats the rickety treehouse that we used to play in as kids.

Thanks to Colin Furze, we have something new to geek out in anticipation of Rogue One. And while we’re enjoying all our Star Wars nostalgia and awaiting Darth Vader’s return to the big screen, hopefully Furze is working hard on his next brilliant creation. We’re sure that will be #craftgoals too.

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