The beloved French skincare brand ​Clarins is opening up their first ever store in the U.S.

In what marks a huge piece of news for the cult-beloved French skin care line, Clarins is opening their first store in the U.S. at the King of Prussia Mall just outside Philadelphia. The grand opening of the brick and mortar store took place on Thursday when Clarins opened the store doors of their brand new 1,800 square feet space. The generous space features a broad selection of Clarins makeup goodies, skincare products, and of course, body and men’s products.

We have no doubt their new and first physical space in the U.S. will be received with immediate success, considering the success of Clarins in Nordstrom, at Sephora, and beyond.

This new space will most likely be filled with a constant flux of excited and eager customers, perusing their massive selection of skin care and makeup options.

Just think of how much harder it’ll be to resist when the physical products are in your face.

This is a clever trap of capitalism, but also, those eyeshadows are cute.

For Clarins fans who don’t live on the east coast, it just may be time for long distance shopping trip.

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