The Beckham siblings are in Cruz Beckham’s “If Everyday Was Christmas” music video and it’s too cute

Cruz Beckham has just debuted his first single and, as if that wasn’t cute enough, some more of the famous Beckham family star in the festive video too!

In the music video for “If Everyday Was Christmas,” 11-year-old Cruz is showered with snow and glitter as he sings.

In between the Christmas stuff, they cut to some scenes of him skateboarding through the streets of London at night, joined by his siblings Brooklyn, Romeo, and Harper.

As if all of that wasn’t sweet enough for you, all proceeds from “If Everyday Was Christmas” will be donated to Global Radio’s Make Some Noise Foundation for the holidays.

Money collected by the foundation goes towards helping young people living with illnesses or disabilities in the U.K.

His mom and dad, David and Victoria Beckham, didn’t make an appearance in the music video, but they’ve lent their vocal support to Cruz and his single.

David explained that the idea to sing a Christmas song for charity was all Cruz’s, which we LOVE.

“He’s still at school. He’s concentrating at school — that’s the most important thing, but he wanted to give back and he’s done this amazing little Christmas song, which has got a lot of attention,” David told Good Morning America. “We are very proud of him. He came to us with the idea.”

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