The beauty brand that brought us unicorn brushes just shared a quick look at their mesmerizing mermaid brush collection

Okay, so it is still freezing outside but we are pretty much over winter! We are so ready to unleash our inner mermaids by the sea with some tropical drinks. Can it be summer yet? Lucky for us, we got a glimpse at the upcoming mermaid brushes from Unicorn Lashes UK. While we have seen scaled mermaid brush handles in the past, Unicorn Lashes is making waves by creating makeup brushes that actually resemble mermaid tails. The proposed handles are so amazing that you might pull an Ariel and trade your voice to a sea witch for them. Unicorn Lashes, can we be ~part of your world~?

We saw the preview of the mermaid brushes yesterday on the companies Instagram, though they have deleted the post since publication. That doesn’t stop the internet — once something it out, it is usually reposted and reblogged forever. According to the original post, the brushes are currently being developed but are set to be housed in a shell-shaped case. We can’t think of a better place to put our finned treasures.

Here is hoping that they do a rose-gold edition of the mermaid brushes as well!

If we simply cannot wait for a shell case, we can always order these to tide us over!

Let’s cross our fingers that these mermaid tail brushes get made AND soon!

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