“The Bachelorette’s” JoJo Fletcher opened up about how rumors about her relationship totally get to her, and we get it!

Let’s be honest: It’s hard to hear rumors about yourself and your life, no matter who you are. And it’s gotta be even worse when you’re part of a couple dating in the spotlight, like The Bachelorette’s JoJo Fletcher and fiancé Jordan Rodgers.

We just heardfrom People that negative rumors do definitely bother JoJo and Jordan, and that it absolutely gets under their skin.

And while we know that one might argue that meeting on a national television show means you should expect to be talked about publicly, nothing probably prepares you for an onslaught of baseless negative comments and personal attacks. No matter who you are.

"For a while, we did pretty good at not caring about all the negative comments when they were really bad and when it was crazy," Fletcher told People.

But she goes on to admit how it’s not always easy to look the other way, especially with the access that everyone has to them via social media.

"Now, it is a little stressful. We don’t want to live our lives on social media. We want to be present in our daily lives and in our relationship, but when we see the comments it stresses me out because it’s like how do I find the balance of living my life in the present, but also trying to make it where people aren’t throwing out rumors all the time. It’s a little difficult — but most importantly, we try not to focus on that and we just live our life."

JoJo…we feel you 100%! Finding the perfect balance between sharing intimate things on social media, and choosing to leave moments as private exchanges between you and your loved one can be hard to do. Throw in thousands of followers, and it gets even more complicated.

According to JoJo, Jordan often provide a healthy perspective.

"Jordan is so much better at not getting fazed. I’ve learned how to handle things much better with him. It’s annoying to read that we’re broken up every day or that we’re faking our relationship. It’s bizarre."

It’s great to hear that they handle these issues together, because this stuff is genuinely hard — Fletcher mentioned that if she doesn’t post a picture on Instagram for three days, people assume they’ve broken up! And that’s…exhausting, which is why it’s important that she has a strong support network.

We hope that JoJo and Jordan continue to rise above any pesky internet negativity, because they’re soon to be married and that’s incredibly exciting!

Keep doing you, guys. No matter what.