The “Avatar” animatronics at Disney World Animal Kingdom are crazy lifelike it’s almost scary

Pack your bags. A trip to Pandora is in your near future. In summer of 2017, Disney will unveil the mythical world of Pandora, inspired by James Cameron’s AVATAR, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Built in collaboration with Cameron, Imagineer Joe Rohde and Lightstorm Entertainment, the land includes floating mountains, bioluminescent rainforests, soaring Banshees, and life-like Na’vi (not played by Bjork)?! Basically everything you ever dreamed of, since seeing the movie seven years ago.

Bob Chapek, chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts, gave a sneak peek at the “Destination D: Amazing Adventures” conference for D23.

He shared details of the two signature attractions of Pandora. In the Avatar Flight of Passage guests will fly over the jungles of Pandora on a Mountain Banshee. Meanwhile, on the Na’vi River Journey, a family-friendly boat ride through the bioluminescent forests.

“I think the thing I’m most excited about right now to experience would be everything in Pandora,” Chapek said in a statement. “From the place-making to the two extraordinary attractions that will be in the land — both the Na’vi River Journey as well as Avatar Flight of Passage, these promise to set new high-watermarks for our experiential magic we give our guests.”

The conference presentation ended with a video revealing the reclusive Shaman of Songs, a revered member of the Na’vi people of Pandora.

This is an an audio-animatronic figure. The technology is unbelievable.

Disney is proving that the future is NOW.

Talk about progress.

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