The “American Idol” reboot officially has a host

If you’re a fan of American Idol, you should be happy to know that more information has been coming out about its return to television. Most recently, they signed on a host — and it’s someone you definitely already know. Ryan Seacrest will be hosting American Idol once again, and between this gig and Live with Kelly and Ryan, he’s sure to be a pretty busy guy.

Don’t forget, Seacrest also has a live radio show, called On Air With Ryan Seacrest. It started back in 2004 on KIIS-FM, and has grown since. So, yes. As stated before, he’s going to be quite busy.

American Idol was was canceled in 2015 and ran its then-final season last year. So we’re guessing he’ll pick up right where he left off.

Alas, we’re not sure whether or not Brian Dunkleman will be making a monumental return.

Seacrest confirmed the news on Twitter, but made it clear that this doesn’t mean he’ll be leaving Kelly Ripa anytime soon.

Since the two of them just started up together a few months ago, we have a feeling that Ripa isn’t aching to search for another co-host again. So, surely Seacrest’s job at Live is pretty secure. In fact, he made sure to talk about the gig on the show.

"First of all, I don't know if you've ever been in a 15-year relationship and for a reason you really don't know you break up," Seacrest said. "I thought, 'Gosh, it'd be great to get back together at some point…'"

We have a feeling the reboot is in good hands. This time around, American Idol will be airing on ABC. According to E! News, it’ll likely be on the schedule for Sunday nights, partially due to Seacrest’s current schedule.

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