The 8 Types Of People You Meet When It Rains

You know that expression, “There’s a change in the weather”? Okay, maybe it’s a Kinks song. Either way, whenever the weather changes, people change along with it. And when that change is a rainstorm, things get particularly ugly.

The rain brings out the best – or worst – in all of us. There’s something about it that makes us react instantly, and in an extreme way. If we’re happy, mad, annoyed, inconvenienced – it shows. If you want to see someone’s true colors at the drop of a hat, do a rain dance, grab a rain machine or mutter the phrase, “I think it’s supposed to rain later” in a crowded elevator. Ready? These are the eight types of people you see when it starts to rain.

1. The Person Who Doesn’t Have an Umbrella

Why not? Umbrellas are so hot right now. And seriously, it takes less than 10 seconds to check the weather. Just look outside every morning before you go to work. Or crack a window. Or turn on the TV. Or open an app. Or ask your roommate. You didn’t even try, in so many ways. Which leads me to…

2. The Person Wearing White

There’s always one person (read: female) wearing white during a torrential downpour. I’ve thought long and hard about this, and I hate to say it, but in most cases it seems like they’ve done it on purpose. There’s no other explanation. Will someone please prove me wrong?

3. The Person Who Knows Everything About Weather

I’m not talking about the person that says, “I love to stay inside and snuggle up with a book on a rainy day!” because yeah, I’m pretty sure we’d all love to be doing that when the skies are gray. I’m talking about the person who relates weather severity levels to colors and knows how to read the Doppler and knows there are different types of clouds, and is about to share their insights with you. They paid for a weather app, y’all. This is not a drill.

4. The Person Who Turns Everything Into an Umbrella

Briefcase. Newspaper. Stray cat. Nothing is off limits for this guy! They may not have checked the weather report, but no chance they’re going to let the skies win.

5. The Person Who Gives Up

You have to feel sorry for them, but you also have to respect them. They’ve surrendered the comfort of dry socks, and they’re paying for it. Chances are it’s the end of the workday, they’re done impressing people and they aren’t about to let a little rain stand between them and DVRed episodes of Homeland. And I say ‘they’, but the people who give up are usually males. Girls don’t give in quite as easily, because of things like leather shoes and dry clean only.

6. The Person Who Should Give Up

Hey, flipped umbrella girl. I see you struggling with that upside down contraption. Sometimes, umbrellas give up. When this happens, you should, too. Instead of attempting to invert it back to life, just wrap it back up (if you can), shove it in your bag and make a run for it. If it’s one of the cheap ones, toss it and vow to get a new one. The harder you try to fix it, the wetter you’re going to get. Shh. Just let it go.

7. The Person Who Waits It Out

“It’ll pass. When it’s raining this hard, that means it’s almost over.” Thanks for the tip, Channel 4. Sometimes the rain passes, sometimes it doesn’t, but this person’s faith is unwavering and therefore respectable (albeit a little annoying).

8. The Person Who Is Terrified

“Didn’t you see Twister?!” It’s raining. Even when there are strong winds and gray skies, you’re probably going to be fine. What are the odds of you ending up of the 9 ‘o clock news for getting struck by lightning or swept away in a flash flood, really? You’ll be fine, but only if you stop the nonsense. When the sky turns that unsettlingly clear green color, we can talk.

The beauty of this list is for the most part, you can play a different role on a storm-by-storm basis. Which type will you be next time?

Featured image via ShutterStock