“The 100’s” Season 5 trailer is finally here to break your heart into a million pieces

How many times can the world end on a post-apocalyptic drama? Just ask The CW’s The 100. When the groundbreaking series first began five years ago, it was 97 years after the Earth was destroyed, and 100 juvenile delinquents were sent down from The Ark space station to test the planet’s surface and see, trial by fire style, if the Earth was inhabitable once more. By the end of Season 4, the remaining humans left alive were forced to retreat into a sealed underground bunker or back into space once more as the Earth suffered from a death wave of radiation from the nuclear power plants melting down, plunging the planet into its second apocalypse in a century. The future is *bleak as hell*, y’all. And yet we just can’t get enough of The 100!

With Clarke (Eliza Taylor), the de factor leader of the 100, left stranded on the Earth’s surface while her friends rocketed into space and her mom sealed underground in the bunker, Season 4 ended on an exciting flash forward six years later. She had somehow found a young Grounder girl and adopted her as her daughter. The two nightbloods (aka immune to radiation) found the only patch of green life left alive on Earth and made a home for themselves, the only two people breathing on the surface of the planet. They lost radio communication with the bunker and the Ark, so they didn’t even know if anyone else survived the second apocalypse. Until, that is, the final moments of the Season 4 finale when a prison transport ship landed on Clarke’s sacred valley, and the possibility of yet another war for survival loomed.

The wait for any new information on The 100 Season 5 has been absolute torture, but thankfully The CW finally took pity on us fans and released an extended trailer. We’re talking four whole minutes of emotional new footage, people, this is not a drill! But much to our horror, Clarke still just can’t catch a break. She’s going to break our hearts into a million pieces, and we’ve still got over a month until the new season premieres.

Chock full of new information, the trailer shows the lonely life of the kids, led by Bellamy (Bob Morley) stranded up on the Ark, the bloody civil unrest unfolding in the bunker no matter how hard Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) tries to keep the Wonkru peace, and the eventual war against the prison transport army fighting for control of the living valley. Because if The 100 has taught us anything so far, it’s that people would rather fight and die in a war for survival of their individual factions than learn to work together for the survival of the entire human race.

*Shakes fists at the sky* people, they never learn!


Looks like Clarke’s peace and happiness is the first casualty of the war, but it certainly won’t be the last. The trailer shows flashes of the Wonkru finally breaking out of the sealed bunker to join the war for the valley, The Ark crew fighting against the prison transport army up in space before eventually making it to the ground again, and even the long-awaited Blake sibling reunion! Which is amazing because our hearts just can’t take any more of Blake infighting.

The countdown begins now: The 100 Season 5 premieres April 24th on The CW.