The 10 things “Allure” Editor in Chief Michelle Lee must have right this second

Editor’s note: When I grow up, I want to be Michelle Lee. I met the Editor in Chief of Allure a few months ago. I DM’d her on Twitter asking if she’d want to meet up and chat while I was in New York, and she messaged me back and was like, “Yeah, let’s do it,” as though I had casually asked a co-worker to coffee (and not, you know, the legendary head of an iconic beauty magazine and digital brand). In person, Michelle was warm, funny, and smart as hell. On paper, she reflects those exact same things, and then some. See, Michelle isn’t afraid of transcending the traditional role of editor in chief. When it comes to media, she thinks holistically — she taught herself video editing, web design, and photography. She not only thinks about the creative, but the technical and financial, and what all of that looks like in 2017. She. Is. A. Powerhouse. Plus, Michelle has put a much-needed emphasis on diversity in her time at Allure. This year alone, the beauty mag has featured cover models like Alicia Keys, Zoe Kravitz, and Halima Aden. Michelle has been kicking ass showing how inclusive the beauty and fashion world should be, and that is what we need more of. For its September issue, Allure is tackling and dissolving the term “anti-aging,” and has featured Queen Helen Mirren on its cover. The first thing I’m doing after work is picking up an issue. But without further ado, here are Michelle’s 10 things she must have.

Reformation Winslow Dress, $268


I’m a dress fanatic and [Allure‘s] executive editor Danielle keeps making me jealous with her amazing Reformation ones. So I’m committed to buying this one, which looks like the perfect sexy-yet-work-appropriate day-to-night style. Plus, I can throw on tights and a leather jacket for fall.

Buy here.

Adidas Stan Smiths, $60


Is it a coincidence that the shoe I’m obsessed with is named Stan? I think not. I wear them with jeans, I wear them with dresses, I wear them with leggings. I wear them ’til I sound like a Dr. Seuss book.

Buy here.

Zara Midi Dress, $119


Like most New Yorkers, a regular part of my paycheck is carved out for Zara. This chic little number, paired with a wide red belt is the epitome of fast chic.

Buy here.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, $20


On weekdays, I’m rarely without my signature winged liner (to the point that people will ask if I’m feeling okay if I have a, say, smoky eye one day). So that means that I know my liner pens and this KVD one is the cat’s pajamas.

Buy here.

Brother Vellies Burkini Slide, $285


I want every pair of shoes at Brother Vellies. I’m not kidding. I know that these slides won’t carry into fall but, god, they’re cute.

Buy here.

L’Oreal Paris Matte-ly in Love lipstick, $8.99


I have about 100 lipsticks around my desk at any time and I was happily surprised by this L’Oreal matte formula recently. It feels JUST like another one I tried from a certain luxury indie brand and it’s less than 10 bucks.

Buy here.

Topshop Dolly Faux Fur Tote, $60


I’m not into constantly moving my stuff from one bag to another so I tend to stick to one bag for an extended period of time. And I just want to hug this bag. All day. Every day.

Buy here.

Topshop Balloon Sleeve Wrap Dress, $110


This dress looks much more expensive than it is, meaning it could be appropriate for work just as much as a fancier cocktail party. I usually describe my style as “pretty/tough” — in a nutshell, I like to mix something kind of feminine like a floral dress with punky heels with spikes. This pastel number will definitely get partnered with some chunky creepers or platforms to break the sweetness.

Buy here.

Gentle Monster x Song of Style Shades, $286


I saw Dani Song wearing these and instantly asked her who makes them. Of course, her sister Aimee does. They’re a funky, memorable shape and nicely made for Asian faces.

Buy here.

Camp Collection Fireside Ringer Tee


I love everything about Camp Collection’s style, from their ’70s surfer girl vibe to their cool retro campaigns. I’ll have all sorts of uses for this long-sleeve ringer, as a layering item and as weekend wear with high-waisted jeans.

Buy here.