The 10 Best Mascaras EVER

Before I ever started really wearing makeup, I was always obsessed with mascara. It’s a cosmetic that you need next to zero skill to apply and it can really make your eyes pop and give you a nice, ‘wide awake’ look, which is helpful… especially when you’re feeling anything but. Mascara is one product I will always spend good money on, as it lasts a while and really can change your whole look. With that in mind, here’s my 10 favourite mascaras in no particular order – and keep in mind, I had to cut this list down, that’s how much I love mascara.

They’re Real! by Benefit, $23

They’re Real! is kinda the holy grail of mascara, and sits atop “Best Of” lists of magazines and beauty bloggers alike every single year since its release because it’s THAT good. Nothing gives me the dramatic, false lash look quite as well as this, and it’s probably my #1 favourite. Well, in the Top 3. I love mascara too much!

Better Than Sex by Too Faced, $23

The first thing I noticed about my tube of Better Than Sex was how heavy it is. The packaging looks and feels luxurious, and luckily the actual product follows suit. It coats the lashes in a deep charcoal black, thoroughly and completely, giving a wide-eyed look that I really love. The formula is really rich and lasts all day, as well, which makes it even better.

Haute & Naughty Lash by MAC, $21

I’m a big fan of pretty much everything MAC does and I like all of their mascaras, but Haute & Naughty takes the cake particularly because it’s two mascaras in one. The smaller wand up top picks up less colour, lending for a more natural look, whereas the brush dipped in the bottom half yields a SUPER dramatic, camera-ready fabulousness that I really love.

Flamed Out by Cover Girl, $5.99

I bought a tube of Flamed Out when it was part of the promotion for the second Hunger Games movie, skeptical that it would be any good (as most drugstore mascaras have really let me down). Not so with this! Sure, I do layer other mascaras over it, but that’s more about my personal obsession with mascara than any actual need to do so. I love the fat brush on this one – it really packs a punch and gives great lashes.

High Impact Mascara by Clinique, $16

You can’t really go wrong with Clinique, any way you slice it. I love that their formula is never sticky and doesn’t clump, even when you’ve kept the tube for like, 18 months (which I have done before, even though you’re totally not supposed to). There’s great texture to the High Impact tube, and really does take your lashes to the next level while not being to over-the-top.

Lights, Camera, Flashes! by Tarte, $23

I first tried Lights, Camera, Flashes! as a sample and immediately went out and bought a full size version because I loved it that much. The brush makes it so that every single lash gets a good coating of colour and also spreads out your lashes to create an incredibly full, almost feathered look. LOVE THIS.

Doll Eye Mascara by NYX, $6.50

I really love NYX Cosmetics as a brand, and think they’re stuff is an absolute bargain for the price. Their colours are always incredibly pigmented and application is incredibly smooth, and the same goes for Doll Eye. This is more of a playful look, very gentle and summery, if that makes sense, and I really like it when I just want a little bit of something on without going over the top.

Hynôse Star by Lancôme, $28.50

Admittedly, I had never really considered Lancôme’s makeup at all, though I do remember that Kate Winslet is (was?) the face of the brand and she’s gorgeous, which is convincing enough for me. In all seriousness, Hypnôse Star ends up on the “Best Of” mascara lists quite a lot, and after buying my own, I can see why. It gives nice, full lashes on the first application but can be layered to create an incredibly glamorous look at any time.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl by Dior, $28.50

I’ve used Diorshow since before I even had the money to walk in the doors of Sephora, let alone be buying anything there. I’m not sure what made me buy it so long ago – probably the name – but luckily the actual product lives up to the hype. Dior’s newest launch is the Iconic Overcurl mascara, and it does just that. It’s all fine and well making your lashes look longer and fuller, but it’s not much use if there’s no curl to them. Using this means I don’t have to use my lash curler that day, which is a score for the lazy, for sure. It’s a nice, classic, professional look that still seems somewhat dramatic while still being suitable for the workplace.

Noir G de Guerlain Exceptional Complete Mascara by Guerlain, $52

I know what you’re thinking: for $52, this damn mascara had better turn my lashes into wings and propel me into outer space. The thing is, metaphorically speaking, it kinda does. “Exceptional complete” is a pretty accurate title, though not for reasons I can really pinpoint. I just feel rich wearing this, which probably says more about our society’s perception of wealth than about the mascara itself, but whatever. It’s Guerlain! It’s French! It’s amazing!

What are your favourite mascaras? Any I missed?

Featured images via Sephora and respective product website

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