The 10 Best Christmas Songs, Hands Down

I abide by three simple rules: hang up your towel after you shower, don’t feed the dog people food and no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Well, Gigglers, I broke that last rule this year. I listened to Christmas music in early November to help you prepare for the holidays. Yes, I pored through iTunes and scoured Spotify to find the best songs to get you in the Christmas spirit. What resulted was a playlist of the holiday’s finest.

Some songs have the original artist you recognize from the radio year after year, while some are a more updated version. You’ll see a lot of classics on the list, because frankly, they’re hard to beat. I compiled a fun mix of old and new; the perfect playlist to jumpstart your ho ho holiday season!

Let’s be clear: there are Christmas songs, and then there are Christmas carols. Songs are about the season, while carols are more religious. To keep me focused, I stuck to just Christmas songs. Even then it was nearly impossible to narrow it down, but here are the 10 best Christmas songs, hands down, and in no particular order.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year performed by Robert Mersey and Andy Williams

This song is so dang cheery and catchy. I’m convinced it can make even the grinchiest Grinch smile. Plus, it reminds me of Ellen giving away free stuff on her show, because this is her holiday giveaway theme, or at least it was one year.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside performed by She & Him

I love me some She, and I really love me some Him. They’re the perfect duo to sing this song. Whenever M. Ward delights us with his vocals it’s a win in my book.

Blue Christmas performed by Elvis Presley

Because let’s face it: sometimes, you aren’t having a white Christmas.

It’s Christmas! Let’s Be Glad! performed by Sufjan Stevens

An ironically upbeat Christmas song from Sufjan Stevens. If you like it, check out his entire Christmas album!

Santa Baby performed by Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy – Santa Baby

The only YouTube videos I could find of this were homemade tributes complete with stuffed Miss Piggy dolls (I’ll let you find those yourselves… they’re really something), but trust me when I say to listen to this little piggy’s rendition of ‘Santa Baby’ from The Muppets: A Green and Red Christmas.

Fairytale Of New York performed by The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl

Life. Love. Happiness. Sadness. New York City. A hauntingly beautiful Christmas must-hear.

What Christmas Means To Me performed by Stevie Wonder

This song is impressive simply because how many things are there that both a) define what Christmas means to you and b) rhyme with ‘mistletoe’?

Marshmallow World performed by Francesca Battistelli

Francesca Battistelli’s version of this song is so warm and fuzzy, I almost can’t handle it. Almost.

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) performed by Nat King Cole Trio

This song is such a classic, it’s called ‘The Christmas Song’. Emphasis on ‘The’. If this doesn’t remind you of nestling into bed on Christmas Eve and waiting for Santa, I don’t know what does.

All I Want For Christmas Is You performed by Mariah Carey


Happy holidays, Gigglers! Whatever you’re celebrating, I hope it’s the best. And because this list shouldn’t be limited to 10 (hell, or Christmas even), let me know your favorite holiday song in the comments.

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