This is the #1 sneaker trend right now, and we need it in our closet immediately

Now that spring’s in full swing and summer’s almost here, it has us thinking about one thing: What new shoes will we get?! Well, this is the #1 sneaker trend right now, reported Brit + Co, and we need a pair in our closet immediately. If you guessed rose gold sneakers, you guessed correctly! Aside from being oh-so-pretty, they’re practical, too. Who says rose gold is on top? According to Brit + Co, Polyvore says so — they analyzed their sneaker data from January through April of this year. And rose gold came out the winner across ~all~ states (!). Impressive, huh?!

Below, we picked out a few of our favorite rose gold sneakers, even though it was no easy feat — no pun intended — to choose just a few!

Warning: Once you check them out, get ready to go shopping!

1Bashii Metallic Rose Gold Sneakers, $27.95

2Bashii Rose Gold Sequin Platforms, $45

3Converse Shoreline Metallic Slip-Ons, $59.95

4Holster Explore Sneakers, $79.99

5Nike Cortez Sneakers, $39.99

6Forever 21 Metallic High-Top Sneakers, $31.50

Okay, did you pick a favorite above, or do you want them ALL like we do?! Choices, choices, right?! At least there are ~tons~ of options out there so we can all get our rose gold sneaker fix!