This Pinterest food trend is predicted to skyrocket in 2017 and we *totally* didn’t expect it

If you ever use Pinterest, there’s a very strong chance you’ve spent many hours staring at pictures and recipes of impossibly delicious-looking food. And we saw some pretty interesting food trends in 2016 on Pinterest, like fermented foods, DIY infused olive oils, and turmeric lattes or milkshakes. We took it all in stride, from the genius to the truly bizarre, but it’s time to give 2016 a friendly send off and usher in the new food trends that are going to take over the world next year.

Pinterest has sifted through all the latest data (there are more than 13 billion food and drink related pins!) and pulled together the top emerging trends. They found that the number one food trend on Pinterest is using a particular fruit as a meat substitute. Yep, fruit. Jackfruit, to be exact. Jackfruit is a musky-smelling, sweet-tasting fruit that’s high in potassium, vitamin B, and protein. It’s apparently the perfect replacement to incorporate into a vegetarian or vegan diet.


The recipe featuring vegan nachos with barbecue jackfruit is a good example of how this food trend plans to take over 2017. Looks like regular nachos. Probably smells like regular nachos. But the beef has been replaced with the healthier choice of jackfruit.

There’s an abundance of recipes on Pinterest that feature jackfruit as the main event, like these fajitas topped with avocado cilantro cream.


Jackfruit is apparently the perfect substitute for pulled pork, and these barbecue pulled jackfruit sandwiches only take 30 minutes to make.


It’s not a fruit that’s grown in the U.S., but you can still find canned jackfruit, or you can buy it fresh somewhere like Chinatown. Jackfruit is native to Southeast Asia, and it’s said to contain so many nutrients and calories that, not only is it a brilliant replacement for meat, but it’s a great way to fight starvation in developing countries.

If you can’t make it to an Asian market to try out this food idea, order some canned jackfruit on Amazon, because this is a Pinterest trend that’s definitely worth a try.

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