That Drake and Rihanna website everyone is freaking out about is fake, UGH

After Drake’s touching tribute to Rihanna during the 2016 VMAs, pretty much everyone on the planet was waiting for them to get together. Or, better yet, reveal that they’re already in a relationship. That’s why when MTV’s Twitter account tweeted a link to the mysterious, everyone thought for sure we were going to get a big reveal. Is the website counting down to a joint tour? A new album where the pair works together? A wedding date?

Alas, according to Bustle, the Drake and Rihanna website is fake. That’s right: The only thing the website appears to be counting down to is the time between two of Drake’s upcoming shows. As Bustle learned through a source in Drake’s “camp,” the website is totally fake.

Here’s what it looks like if you visit the site (a video of this guy):


It turns out Joanne the Scammer (a hilarious social media persona) and Super Deluxe (a “community of creative weirdos make videos”) are behind this, although we’re not quite sure why.


Obvs, people have FEELINGS about this. false false

While people are still waiting on word from Rihanna’s reps, we’re betting we’ll get a similar response from them. But hey, we can dream, right?