Don’t worry about gaining weight this Thanksgiving weekend. Here’s why.

I’m very much a “Love Your Body, Love Yourself” type of gal, no matter your shape or size. It’s exhausting to have any other method of approach to body image. But around the holidays, I start to get a little nervous about weight gain. I’ve heard the rumors about the average holiday weight gain. But I love holiday snacking, and I love mashed potatoes more than my own mother. (However, she usually makes the mashed potatoes, so she falls under the umbrella of that love.) But guess what? Those drastic rumors about holiday weight gain varying from 5 to 10 pounds each holiday season? They’re just that — rumors. It’s more like one pound. Max.

Traci Mann, PhD, a professor at the University of Minnesota broke it down. “Changes that happen to your body when you switch up your diet are almost always temporary, especially if you’re eating differently for only a short period of time.” She explains weight gain from occasional overeating in comparison to weight loss from occasional dieting. Most people understand when trying to lose weight that the body will fight back and attempt to hold onto the weight. Well, it’s the same with weight gain. Your body wants to stay the same, usually! “People understand this when you talk about losing weight: You drop a few pounds, and your body pushes back. Your metabolism slows down, so there’s more left over to store as fat.”

What I’m taking from this report is that I should just keep on being me and enjoy the holiday feasts as they come (and so should you!). And my suggestion? Just live, baby. Santa only comes once a year, and he isn’t going to eat that whole plate of cookies by himself.

And while we’re talking about holiday eats, here are some delicious recipes we’ve pooled together! We’ve got everything from green bean casserole, to DIY cranberry sauce, to vegan apple crumb pie. Have an amazing holiday season —and DON’T worry too much about packing on any extra weight. You most likely won’t.

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