For Thanksgiving, Twitter shared the weird s#!t they found in their families’ home, and things got wild

Thanksgiving is a time where many people go home to their parents’ house. So when Cards Against Humanity’s Jenn asked Twitter to show her the weirdest stuff they found at their relatives, people jumped on board! Naturally, it seems reasonable that there is plenty of stuff at their houses that is odd or strange. And sharing those is a much easier than arguing about women’s issues at the Thanksgiving table. Or sharing Thanksgiving trivia with a cousin you only see once a year because you can’t think of literally anything else to say.

Tons of people logged in and shared some very, very weird things that their families possess. While this certainly isn’t a Thanksgiving tradition yet, we’re hoping that it gains some momentum. We can’t get enough of all of the weird junk, heirlooms, and memorabilia that our parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents are rocking in their houses.

If you thought that your family was the only ones who kept weird junk, you’re definitely not alone! Thousands of people replied to the thread to share scary dolls or googly-eyed crabs. It goes to show that everyone’s tastes are very subjective. If we aren’t going to celebrate the strange things about our family, who will?

Of course, people couldn’t resist this Thanksgiving Twitter challenge!


People shared everything from lobster soap to a bust of Elvis.


Including this creepy baby-foot Santa.


And who doesn’t love bull dogs?


Who knew there were so many different kinds of knick-knacks? It just goes to show all the strange things that lurk in your families’ house may just be good for something after all — perfect Twitter gold. Check out the full thread — and all the weirdness inside. It’s worth the click.

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