This Thanksgiving tablecloth is our new fave DIY tradition

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to whip out some of our favorite holiday traditions. And this Thanksgiving tablecloth is not just a DIY gem — it’s one of our favorite newest holiday traditions.

This DIY tablecloth was inspired by a little creativity and a desire to write outside of the lines.

Sixteen years ago, when Deb Mills of Missouri was bored with her plain white tablecloth, she decided to make it a bit more exciting by adding some personal touches -- namely, the signatures of her children all across the tablecloth.

Every year, each guest signs their name with a different color, and then Mills embroiders over the name to preserve it for Thanksgiving dinners to come.

Not only is it an adorable and fun piece of holiday decor, it is an important keepsake of all the people she loves. Deb told ABC News about her daughter, Mary, who died suddenly from a brain aneurysm in 2014:

“It is very special to be able to put that tablecloth on the table each Thanksgiving and there is Mary’s name and she’s among us.”

An unconventional addition to jazz up a plain tablecloth has turned into a full-blown tradition — with everyone who attends Thanksgiving dinner adding their own name to the tablecloth. It’s more than just a way to bring some pizazz to something plain – it’s a way to bring your own personal touch to a new Thanksgiving tradition. And that’s one that we can all get behind.

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