5 reasons a Thanksgiving proposal can be the absolute sweetest

So you’re in the mood to get engaged (lol) but don’t know when or how to make the down-on-one-knee magic happen. It’s too late for a late-summer beachy scene, and just a little behind on the whole Halloween-costumed photo opportunity. And Christmas? Is a full month away (and everyone does Christmas! Your ring pic would come under at least seven others just like it on Facebook, and isn’t posting your big news part of the fun?!) So what about Thanksgiving? Perhaps not viewed as the most romantic holiday, as per its rowdy TV football games, cold-season travelling and the inevitable post-turkey coma, but November does have its perks as a proposal month. Not only will you beat all those basic end-of-year engagements to the punch, you’ll remember the day forever as a unique experience not shared with sixteen other people on your Instagram feed.

Need more convincing? Check out these five legit reasons to look forward to a Thanksgiving Day proposal.

You get to make the announcement in a Christmas card.


Imagine the cuteness (and the bragging rights!) of sending out a perfectly tasteful reminder that you are super in love and doing something about it. No more answering those pesky “so when are you two gonna…” questions from every aunt and friend of your moms after this bad boy is sent out. Cute, easy, and such a meaningful keepsake to go in your eventual wedding scrapbook.

It’s unpredictable.


Let’s just put this out there. If you’re going to an Independence Day BBQ over the summer and your long-term boyfriend arrives in a tuxedo with his hair combed, he’s going to propose at the BBQ. Same with a Christmas toast (especially if he rises to give one at your side of the family’s holiday dinner) or an over-the-top-romantic Valentine’s date. Something’s coming, and if you’ve been dating long and have discussed marriage, the jig is sorta up. But popping the big question while mid-hike while traveling for the holidays? That’s some spontaneous sh*t right there.

It’s called Thanks-giving, after all.

How sweet is this couple using the day they got engaged to express how thankful they are to have found each other? As time passes, it gets easier and easier to see Thanksgiving as a day where you cook for about 10 hours and then go Black Friday shopping at midnight. Reclaim the day’s sentimentality and use it to thank your partner for being yours, today and every day.

The crowds! The scenery!

The spectacle!


 Picture if you will, you’re sitting with your hot chocolate and mittens, watching your local high school’s last game of the season with friends and family. Your boyfriend gets up, maybe to find the bathroom, maybe to get you a soft pretzel. Or maybe it’s to get your ring out of his pocket. A few half-time whistles later and he’s down on one knee, Kanye-style, smack in the middle of the playing field for all to see. Try forgetting that memory, ever.

The family’s all in one place.

We’ve got an uncle in New Mexico, a mom in South Carolina, a sister in Wisconsin and us? We live in New York. Mayyybe twice a year do the stars align in such a way that we are all under the same roof, so why not skip the Facetime call and make it official in person? You’ll get to share in the reaction in real-time, and the moment won’t be over quite as soon as if the two of you were alone somewhere private. Plus, you’ll be surprised which uncle cries. It’s Gary. Gary cries.

Don’t forget the old hide-the-ring-in-the-mashed-potatoes idea. Just be sure to get the right scoop.

There ya go! If one of these speaks to you; tell your sister, tell your friends and start hinting! And if you’re a gal whose always dreamed of a snowy, glittering Christmas Eve proposal, no shade! Just watch out for those matching flannel-wearing Thanksgiving fiancées who just might give you a run for your money. 

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