Mermaids will be giving all the thanks today

Today is Thanksgiving! It’s a day dedicated to something I think we should do every day: give thanks.

This holiday always makes us take time to reflect on everything going on in our lives, and what we are most thankful for. (Thanksgiving food is definitely something to be super thankful for, right? I mean, even mermaids would trade their tails for legs to be able to sit at the dinner table.)


But I think that especially in the times we’re living through, this date should make us think about all that we can be doing to show our thanks. Personally, I think the message behind this date is to be a kind human being — plain and simple — and to be thankful for those who show us such kindness in turn.

I hope everyone gets to celebrate this day surrounded by loved ones. No matter if you’re eating pizza or turkey or something else entirely — the point is to be together. This is coming from a girl who just moved from one country to another, and is missing her family so very much.

Happy Thanksgiving. We hope you gobble up enough energy to swim by for next week’s mermaid!

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