12 Thanksgiving GIFs that will make you LOL until dessert is served

Thanksgiving is so close, you guys. We’re just a few days out and we are already super-duper ready to eat ALL of the pie, and ALL of the mashed potatoes, and ALL of the turkey, and ALL of the everything.

As we wait for the big day, some industrious GIF makers have been hard at work making the straight-up most hilarious Thanksgiving GIFs for our seasonal enjoyment.

Without further ado, here are our favorite Turkey Day GIFs!

1. When you can’t wait to get started on the food.

2. When you are like THE READIEST to eat but your mom keeps making you take pictures.

3. TFW then food is FINALLY served.

4. And TFW when you still have to wait like another half hour to eat because you have to go around the table and say what they’re thankful for.

5. That life when you like Thanksgiving just fine, but everyone else in your life is straight-up obsessed.

6. When you’re the one who’s so obsessed with Thanksgiving in your fam, you make EVERYBODY gussy up. Yes, that means you, mister.

7. Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade with that ONE relative.

8.When that one relative has their meltdown. Always. Every. Single. Year.

9. When cocktail hour clearly went way too long.

10. Trying to decide which flavor of pie to eat (Protip: Don’t decide, just eat ALL of it).

11. When you’ve eaten way too much and it gives you weirdsies dreams.

12. And when people want to start doing Christmas stuff, like, the very next day.

Happy almost Thanksgiving, everybody!!