How to do Thanksgiving like a Gilmore Girl

Thanksgiving is just days away, which means it’s time to re-watch that Gilmore Girls episode, “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving” to get us into the spirit of things. This episode has it all: Rory/Jess/Dean drama, Kirk gets a cat, Luke trying not to show how much the Gilmore gals mean to him, Jackson deep frying a turkey, drunk Sookie, Lane’s first kiss with, Paris being Paris, and a nice kerfuffle between Lorelai and her parents. In honor of the holiday and my love of all things Gilmore, I’ve created a guide on how you, too, can celebrate Thanksgiving just like a Gilmore Girl. Let us give thanks and begin:

Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen

Invoke your inner Paris Geller and make your way to your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter and volunteer to help out. If you don’t have enough time to stay and cook or serve food, you could also take up a collection of canned goods and drop them off, or make a donation so others can purchase a Thanksgiving meal. Sure, Paris is technically looking to volunteer so it looks good on her college applications, but she does admit she also does it for “the good of mankind,” and at this time of year, we’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Try To Hit Up More Than One Thanksgiving Dinner

The Gilmores are a popular duo in Stars Hollow. So much so that they end up booking themselves for a total of FOUR Thanksgiving dinners: The Kims, Sookie and Jackson’s, Luke’s, and the elder Gilmores. While that may sound like a pain to some, I think it sounds awesome. For one, you get to socialize with tons of friends and family, many of whom you might not see often enough. For another, if there is a dinner or two in there involving people who might cause some drama in your life (such as Lorelai’s hesitation at having Thanksgiving dinner with her parents), it won’t be so bad because you won’t have to spend more than an hour or so there. Less time means less chance of it ending up in a not-so-friendly food fight. Plus, think of all the different types of food you’ll get to eat! More than likely at least 2 different kinds of stuffing and 4 different kinds of pie.

…But Make Sure To Leave Room For Each One

Having 2 to 4 dinners back to back might be a bit difficult on the body, so the Gilmores have a few tips for y’all on this front. For one, skip the rolls. Rolls are completely unnecessary filler food that you only need to eat if the green bean casserole isn’t done cooking or if someone knocked over the cranberry sauce. Also, consider bringing a few Tums on hand for the possibility of your turkey turning on you. Then again, if your eating skills are on par with Lorelai Gilmore, you could probably skip that and just go in there with a positive, can-eat attitude. You can do it!

Make A Few Bucks Working A Little On The Holiday

Pull a Dean and rake in extra cash. Most places give at least time and a half for your troubles. Extra money for holiday gifts is never a bad thing.

Bring Flowers To All Your Hosts

Bringing the host a gift is always a nice gesture. Plus adding some gorgeous, seasonal flowers to the occasion will only add to the festive ambiance. And if your host is anything like Luke, consider also buying them a small vase to put them in.

Plus Some Cranberry Sauce

Because there can never be too much. The Gilmore Girls prefer theirs canned, but personally, I’m a big fan of making my own. It’s the easiest thing to make for Thanksgiving. Try out this recipe and see for yourself.

…Add Some Chocolate Turkeys, To Boot!

Unless of course they’re Mrs. Kim. Might not be too late to order these sweet treats from Godiva!

Avoid Your Exes

Because the last thing you need is any awkward encounters that might ruin your appetite. Feel free to let friends or family (or your own personal Lorelai) run interference if need be.

Open Yourself Up To Trying New Foods

Mrs. Kim, being a vegetarian, serves Tofurkey at her dinner. Being a vegetarian myself, it’s always nice when non-veg folk try out some of my personal favorites. I’ll probably be opting for a Field Roast for myself this year. But if you end up needing to dispose of foods you end up not liking, stuffing them inside some extra napkins so as to avoid insulting the chef might work.

Wear A Fabulous Autumn Coat

If it’s cold enough where you are, that is. These ladies always look sharp.

Decorate Like Sookie

Between her beautiful cornucopias, the turkey table runners, and the floral wreaths, who wouldn’t want to enjoy Thanksgiving at her house? If you’ll be the one hosting the party, we suggest you go all out.

No go out there and get your Gilmore on this Thanksgiving!