We’re thankful for these pictures of dogs dressed up as Thanksgiving turkeys

Who says Halloween is the only time of year when you can dress your dog up in a silly costume?

Pet parents embarrassing their canines by making them dress up as holiday turkeys has become an adorable Thanksgiving tradition, and we are only too happy to indulge in all of the cute photo ops.

So, please, enjoy these pictures of dogs in turkey costumes, and remember to be thankful for the furry friends in your life this holiday season.

1Adorable dish.

2Do these feathers make my butt look big?

3“Will you give me a piece of turkey if I keep this ridiculous costume on?”

4Snack time.

5Just a turkey out for a stroll…

6Gobble, gobble!


8“I was told there would be treats involved if I dressed up like this.”

9She’s a professional turkey costume model.

10“No kibble for me. I’m saving my appetite for Thanksgiving dinner.”

11He’s hoping he will be pardoned.

12“Why does this turkey costume come with yellow duck feet?”

13Marvel’s newest hero is Turkey Dog!

14Happy Thanksgiving from these three little turkeys.

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