Mutant Thanksgiving recipes to try if you dare (Muaaaaah)

It all started with Turducken — you know, Thanksgiving’s turkey, chicken and duck hybrid entrée — and now chefs around the globe have taken to creating some epic food pairings that would be perfect for your upcoming holiday meal. From dessert mash-ups to combo entrees, here are some mutant foods you should try this season!

The Cherpumple

Three cakes plus three pies equals one cherpumple. Yep, this layered dessert consists of cherry pie baked in white cake, atop apple pie baked in yellow cake, ON TOP OF pumpkin pie baked into spice cake. So, one tall piece of cherpumple, amounts to a pile of six slices of dessert goodness.


Hanukkah 2013 was a holiday double whammy for Jewish Americans, as it fell on Thanksgiving. This was the first Thanksgivukkah since 1888 — and may never happen again! Thankfully, this holiday mash-up created a food combo we can all enjoy for many years to come:  Turbrisket, a turkey brisket hybrid.

Meatloaf Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Frosting

While there are many savory cupcake options out there, this two-bite spin on a dinner classic is perfect for feeding extended family. Plus, the mashed potato frosting is too cute.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the croissant donut. I recently made these buggers and the painstaking croissant process does pay off after taking your first bite of the flaky, chocolate filled goodness.

But if you want to make them for Thanksgiving, you may need to start NOW, because these bad boys take three days!

Fast Food Thanksgiving: Slider Stuffing  

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is hard. One meal can take days of preparation. But there are some ways around that, like fast food Thanksgiving. From Nugget Platters to Green Bean and Onion Ring Casserole, drive-thru staples can be all the ingredients you need for a holiday dinner.

Apple Pie … IN AN APPLE!

Individual apple pies that are adorable to the core!

Roasted Pumpkin Guacamole

It seems like they put pumpkin in everything these days: lattes, ice cream and now, guacamole!

French Onion Soup Mac ‘n’ Cheese

This hearty mac-erole makes for the perfect holiday side dish.

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