This ice cream shop in Mexico City makes sweet treats meant to be shared with your dog

When it comes to the great unifiers in this world, dogs and ice cream are probably at the top of the list.

And if you have a sweet tooth and also love to share everything with your pup, then you know the guilt that comes with not being able to share your favorite sweet treat with your dog. But thanks to Don Paletto parlor in Mexico City, your dog can lick the ice cream right from your cone!

The ice cream is made with natural yogurt and lactobacilli bacteria which means your furry friend can digest it with no trouble. And the best part is that it’s safe for humans, too. The ice cream shop has a range of flavors and styles of ice cream to please dogs and their owners alike. Whether you’re looking for a scoop, a ice cream bar or cone, Don Paletto has you covered.

The shop even has the cutest name for their doggie treats, known as “heladogs,” a play on the spanish word for ice cream which is “helado.” And with ice cream named “Gentleman” and “Lucky Lucky” we’re sure the dogs will be woofing like mad for this heladog.

We have Mauricio Montoya to thank for Don Paletto and his dog ice cream. The owner of the shop must understand our favorite furry friends because it seems like he gave them exactly what they didn’t know they needed.