Thanks to Netflix, we skip *this* many commercials every year

We couldn’t possibly count the reasons we love Netflix on our fingers or even our toes. However, we just discovered a new reason to adore the streaming platform and it may take the cake. Are you ready for this?

In total, Cordcutting reports that Netflix keeps its loyal fans from having to watch about 160 hours of commercials every single year. If we estimate that commercials are at most 30 seconds long, that means we’re saved from watching about 19,200 commercials. In other words, there are about 19,200 theme songs and catchy jingles that aren’t getting stuck in our heads!


Cordcutting then compared this to the 15 minutes and 38 seconds of commercials we see during every hour of cable television we watch. With this in mind, we can see why traditional TV networks are feeling threatened by Netflix. After all, people are all about saving time these days and would most likely prefer to be doing something else while a commercial plays before their eyes.

David Levy, president of Turner, told Reuters“The streaming platforms have created a more competitive environment and we all need to deliver better.” This new statistic is definitely proof of that, especially in light of the fact that 160 hours is a lot of hours and traditional television tends to be more expensive than online streaming services.


Netflix, in the end, we’d just like you to know one thing: We appreciate you.

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