Thank the internet gods: Lindsay Lohan has become a lifestyle blogger

Long gone are the days when actors would just act, now they’re expected to build entire self-branded empires. We’ve witnessed more and more celebrities starting side hustles, whether it’s a makeup line, fashion collab, or the ubiquitous lifestyle website. While some sites, like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, have seen incredible success, others, like Blake Lively’s short-lived Preserve, have gone the way of the Wayback Machine. Now, our forever favorite Mean Girl Lindsay Lohan is joining the blogging world with the launch of her own online space, hosted by the website Preemium.

Lindsay announced the news via her Instagram by posting a selfie captioned, “Want to see what I’m really up to? Subscribe to my Preemium.” The 30-year-old added that she would be “posting a lot on there these upcoming weeks.”

So what could we expect from Lindsay Lohan, Lifestyle Blogger?

On the landing page of Linday’s Preemium, a note explains that she would give viewers access to “exclusive content and tell you all my secrets and breaking news before anyone else.”

Fans would get “personal diaries, video updates, exclusive personal photos, fashion and beauty tutorials, shopping guides, behind the scenes content, my favorite products and much more.”

Lindsay’s first posts, which you can see and subscribe to for a cool $2.99, appear to be a ton of behind-the-scenes content, including one from a photoshoot with a “male model” and another from a “tube station.” Exhilarating!

The site sounds like it would be closer to an app from the Kardashian-Jenner fam than a Goop-style guide to the best probiotics or organic facials. Unlike the Kardashians, Lindsay’s isn’t self-hosted, and appears to be part of new blogging platform.

Will Lindsay find Gwyneth-level success or will she meet a Blake Lively fate? Either way, we’re glad to see her working on a new project, but we’re still crossing our fingers for a Life-Size sequel.