“Westworld” fave Thandie Newton may be joining the “Star Wars” universe

Full disclosure: I haven’t watched HBO’s Westworld. But through my casual interactions with the show’s fandom, I can tell y’all reeeeeally love Thandie Newton in the show. Well, she clearly has her eye on sci-fi roles, because her next role might be in a galaxy far, far away.

Newton is reportedly in talks to join the Star Wars film franchise. And not just any Star Wars film, but the super-hyped Han Solo spin-off.

Yeah, so our expectations for this movie are hiiiigh. We are obviously all over any Star Wars news, but I’m especially curious about the spin-off films. This past winter’s Rogue One was a revelation. (At least for me; saw it in theaters four times.) In theory, Star Wars genre films is a dicey premise. But after seeing the grittier Rogue One vision, I put my faith, willingly, into Lucasfilm’s hands.

We do kind of have an idea as to how the next Star Wars spin-off will go. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who made movie magic with The Lego Movie, are directing. Han Solo has always been a ray of sardonic humor in the other Star Wars films. And, Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke, and Woody Harrelson are all actors known for their comedy chops. If Newton joins them, they might be the coolest cast in the series. If nothing else, that’ll be one sick red carpet.

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