BRB crying. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort just recreated that TFIOS bench scene

If we had a dollar for every time Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort did something adorable together, we’d all be millionaires. They also might need to stop being the world’s cutest, because I just don’t think our hearts can take that many more tugs.

Their latest too-cute-for-words moment together comes via the Fox Studios lot in Los Angeles, where they dedicated a very special The Fault In Our Stars bench. You know, the green bench that they share a moment on together in Amsterdam after Gus has taken Hazel there on his Wish Trip? That bench. (The real bench also went AWOL for a while, but don’t worry it’s since been returned to Amsterdam). Also, reminder that this is what that tears-for-days scene looked like:

Well, now there’s a special bench just like the one in Amsterdam, but much, much closer to home. Woodley and Elgort were both present for this bench’s dedication ceremony, that even included a little ribbon cutting with giant scissors, and the godly presence of both TFIOS author, John Green, and TFIOS movie director, Josh Boone. The group posed for pictures, obviously, and then Woodley and Elgort sat down on said bench and stared into each others eyes, and reminded us that love is fragile and should be cherished. I try not to have too many, “I can’t even” moments, but I think this is one of them.

If you’re hoping to make a TFIOS pilgrimage to the bench in LA, you’re unfortunately out of luck. Since it’s on the Fox lot, you’re going to need clearance to enter, and they sadly just don’t hand those visitor badges out to anyone who asks really nicely while clutching their TFIOS copy like their first born. So instead, let’s relish in these pictures together. We can fall in love with them slowly, and then all at once.

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