Teyana Taylor’s hotel dance workout video is major inspiration (and honestly, just fun to watch)

Typically the first thing we do upon entering a hotel room is drop the luggage in a corner and perform an exhausted flop on the bed, but judging by Teyana Taylor’s chic new dance workout video, we’ve been doing this routine all wrong. As Billboard reports, the 26-year-old shot “Body by Teyana Taylor” for Vogue as a sort of teaser for her forthcoming Fade 2 Fit streaming workouts, which are set to launch in February.

Although Taylor once said “lazy workouts” and genetics were responsible for her toned body, we assure you that there’s absolutely nothing lazy about this fierce hotel room dance routine, which will inspire views to get fit and fashionable.

Shot in a suite at New York City’s Waldorf Astoria, “Body” finds Taylor performing sultry “Fade”-inspired choreography with a mix of familiar exercises we love to hate. The video kind of reminds us of Beyoncé’s “7/11” because of the hotel setting and the dancing (obviously), except there’s no alcohol to be found anywhere, and that famous Kale sweatshirt is replaced by a fancy frock, which Taylor promptly dances her way out of.

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She even makes jump squats look, um, doable:

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Meanwhile, she elegantly destroys these mountain climbers and push-ups:

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Hats off to Teyana for showing us how to get creative with the workouts. We can’t promise our next hotel stay will start off this way, but we’ll see if we can at least manage to squeeze in a set of crunches before unpacking.