We’re dying to try these gorgeous textured chocolate bars

There’s nothing better than chocolate. I mean, that’s a given. Unless, of course, you can somehow find a way to make chocolate even better.


You heard me.

I’m talking about new textured chocolate bars from (my new favorite company) Nendo. The treats are appropriately named “chocolatexture bars” and promise to give the taster a completely unique taste experience with every bite by having distinctive textures.

Translation: Everything about these will look and taste amazing.


Each textured bar, marked with zigzags or dots or stripes or waves, gives you a completely different delightful flavor experience. And, being the thoughtful chocolate lovers they are, the people at Nendo also offer different types of chocolate bars. So you can try the milk, bitter, strawberry, white, or matcha.

Or, you can be like me and try all of them at once because they all look incredible.

Nendo actually offers a lot of ways to get creative about your chocolate, like a chocolate mixture kit that allows you to add flavors to a chocolate flask (with a white chocolate cork) for a brilliantly personal and mad-scientist like chocolate experience.

For now, you can only get these wonderful chocolate bars in Japan. Though a ticket there, I believe, is a small price to pay in order to try such an enticing chocolate tasting adventure.