What happened when I responded to every text with only KIMOJIs

So, if you haven’t heard, Kim Kardashian West launched her newest app, KIMOJI (Kim-themed emojis) today, and it’s literally already broken Apple’s app store. “Apple, I’m so sorry I broke your App Store!!!” Kim tweeted earlier, even though we all know she wanted to tweet, “#SorryNotSorry.”

That obviously didn’t stop me from downloading and using (to the best of my ability) KIMOJIs. For the entire day, I decided, in honor of the KIMOJI launch and the very excellent Kim ugly-crying face emoji that is now at my disposal forever, I would only answer texts I got with Kim’s emojis. No matter what.

Here’s how it went.

My best friend from high-school asked me what she should read, and I responded the only way I could. The Bible is the only book KIMOJI, so.

When Blaire, Director of Video, told me about her morning at Starbucks.

My boss, EIC Jenn Romolini, asked me a work question, and I tried my very best to convey “of course, no problem” in a way I think Kim would approve of.

Carly, my friend from grad school, checked up on me only to receive bountiful KIMOJIs in return. YOU ARE WELCOME, CARLY. 

My co-worker Christina, texted to make plans and check up on my love life (name has been censored to protect the innocent).

My other co-worker checked to see if I would like to replenish my caffeine levels. At this point, I have a feeling Kim would be very proud of me.

(This is also when KIMOJI crashed and stopped working and from here on out I had to restart my iPhone whenever I needed to text someone back with a Kim emoji. Basically, whenever I wanted to use the KIMOJI keyboard, a single black dot and no Kim emojis would appear. It was horrible. But it was worth it.)

I was also asked to edit a story and there was no KIMOJI for “I gotchu!” so I used a mermaid. Also, the app is still broken. I got a little frustrated, but I persevered like a true Kardashian would.

There are a lot of dranks-related KIMOJIs, so if a friend lets you know she’s psyched to drink some drinks with you this weekend, you have many KIMOJIs to choose from.

It turns out, responding to every text with a KIMOJI was actually really successful and weird and fun. Even though at times Kim’s emojis weren’t the most applicable to my day-to-day life (Kanye sock-shoe and naked Kim wrapped in Christmas lights, I am not sure what to do with you), I think all parties had a BLAST. Bless this booty-full emoji glory.

(Images via KIMOJI/Gina Vaynshteyn)