This brave hero is suing his date for texting during “Guardians of the Galaxy”

This guy definitely takes the “silence your cell phones” reminder seriously: Brandon Vezmar, 37, is bringing his Guardians of the Galaxy date to court after she wouldn’t stop using her cell phone. According to Vezmar, his date started texting about 15 minutes into the movie. Kind of rude, right?

The best part is that Vezmar isn’t seeking much from this lawsuit. He’s looking to reclaim the $17.31 that he paid for her ticket to the 3D showing.

Vezmar talked to the Austin American-Statesman about the terrible date, and noted that it was the first since the two connected through an online dating site. The two saw the movie together on opening weekend.

According to the site, Vezmar mentioned that texting during a movie was “one of his biggest pet peeves.”

And hey, we definitely get it. There’s a time and a place for texting. Even if the movie was a bit dull (which it wasn’t, because it’s Guardians of the Galaxy) texting should take place outside of a theater.

According to Vezmar, that’s what he suggested she do after the cell phone kept re-appearing. Vezmar estimated that the phone was in and out of her hands approximately fifteen to twenty times.

Eventually, she took his suggestion — she left the theater and never came back, leaving him without a ride.

Yikes. Talk about a rough date.

 The woman in question, who didn’t want her name out there (which makes sense) doesn’t deny that she was texting. In her eyes, it only happened two or three times, and she was messaging with a friend who had a fight with her boyfriend.

Let this be a lesson to all of us. While the sought out money is next to nothing, the day in court is definitely a bummer based on such a strange offense.

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