Here’s how to text without a data plan

Those brainy tech people out there discovered a new kind of magic, and it’s called “mesh networking.” It’s this new thing that allows people without data plans to text each other through apps designed exactly for this purpose. One such app is “Jott.” It’s an app for iPhone and Android, and essentially turns cell phones into their own cell towers, allowing for data-free messaging through what they call AirChat.

I know, sounds a little complicated. While the method of mesh networking goes over most of our heads in terms of mechanics, what it produces is simple: an economic equalizer when it comes to smartphones.

You may have heard recently that a divide has been emerging among teens when it comes to access to technology. WiFi can be an equalizer, because it eliminates any differences in data plans and allows for pretty much unlimited use of things like Messenger. But when schools, a good middle ground for students of all backgrounds, aren’t providing free WiFi, the divide comes back. That’s where apps like Jott come in. No WiFi? No problem.

The app also has some super cool features that regular phone messaging doesn’t. For instance, you’re in control of the content you send, even after you’ve sent it. Jott is equipped with privacy features such as screenshot detection and disappearing chats so you’re always in charge of what happens with your information.

The days of asking for phone numbers are also over. With Jott you can simply join a network, or even link your Instagram, and you’re instantly connected with your peers.

And, even better: It’s free. Now nobody has to feel out of the loop when it comes to technology, and nobody has to sacrifice their social life because of differences in data. Thumbs up Emoji!

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