You can text this museum and receive art that’s handpicked for your mood

We’ve all been there. You know, it’s early on a Monday morning and someone asks you how you’re feeling. To explain just how exhausted you are, you show them that one emoji of a sleeping smiley with “zzz” coming out of its mouth. We’re tired. We’re unamused. We need something else to help us describe our real feelings.

Enter the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and their new service #SendMeSFMOMA, which lets you text the museum with an emoji or description for a reply that consists of an art piece that fits your mood.


Getting started with this art genie is simple. Text “Send Me” to 572-51 with a keyword, emoji, color, or mood. What you’ll receive is a personalized prescription of art that includes a photo of the piece with the title, artist, and date.


In case you think that the museum is only using part of their collection to help you describe your mood — think again. This service has tabs on all 35,000+ of the SFMOMA’s pieces, so you know you’re getting the real deal. You may even see a piece that’s not on display at the museum. That’s because the museum’s collection is so large that they can only display around 5% of the pieces at any given time.

Sadly, this service is currently only available in the states. But since the program went viral last week, receiving over a quarter of a million texts, they’re looking to expand their reach globally. Which is fine with us, because art deserves this kind of reach.