These geniuses sent a text message using only vinegar and glass cleaner and it is mesmerizing

Leave it to Stanford to break the internet with a new discovery. Researchers at the prestigious university just created a way to send a text message without using electricity, and we’re amazed! Turns out a little vinegar and glass cleaner can do more than shine up bathroom mirrors, and who knew?!

It may sound a bit cliché, but we just love how science is used to improve our daily lives. Whether it’s a robotic arm that enables those with paralysis to feel, or a machine that literally erases period cramps, we’re obsessed. Even better, hearing that this invention has the potential to save lives makes us  intrigued to know more.

Take a look at Stanford’s video below to see just how the researchers plan to send a text message without the use of electromagnetic waves!

Mind. Blown.

The Stanford machine serves as an emergency system for underwater or space explorers, because they can’t rely on electromagnetic radiation to send messages. The best part is that the invention could be a lifesaver for those who risk their lives to discover life’s treasures. We couldn’t ask for anything better.

Okay, maybe a really cool baking soda volcano, but we get that it’s less useful.

Ahhh, we have to admit, we love the smell of new inventions! Now to the kitchen to see what else we can whip up safely, of course.