This woman texted her ex using only Adele lyrics, brought the Internet much delight

By the sixth or seventh time I had listened to Adele’s “Hello,” I started getting upset. Not because the song is so emotionally draining (and it is, but in a good Adele way!) but because I don’t have anyone to sing the song to. I haven’t recently broken up with anyone, and then tried to call them a million times to talk. So yeah, I’m kinda bummed that “Hello” doesn’t feel like it’s a song for ME, but at least there are others out there who are using these beautiful lyrics to seriously mess with their ex-BF.

Mary Caldarella, a student at Auburn University decided to take this Adele opportunity and text her ex named Matt some verses from “Hello.” Starting off with “hello from the other side,” Matt clearly assumes that the two are about to strike up a friendly conversation. That’s when Caldarella launches into the powerhouse of, “I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet.”

“I knew the lyrics would be perfect to send to my ex,” Caldarella explained to“I just wanted to see how he would respond.” And how does he respond? By apologizing to her, and then asking her twice if she still missed him. It’s all in good fun, even though Caldarella told Cosmopolitian that Matt wasn’t too happy about it. Don’t worry Matt, one day this will be hilarious.

Check out her Tweet below, and remember, always use Adele lyrics responsibly.

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