These Texas A&M gymnasts did the Mannequin Challenge like the pros they are and our minds are completely blown

If there was an Olympic medal for social media trends, these Texas A&M gymnasts who did the #MannequinChallenge would all win the gold. Not to dismiss everyone else who’s put a unique spin on the viral video freeze-frame fad (especially, these 4-year-olds who did the Mannequin Challenge and tried so freakin’ hard to remain still), but we are currently bowing down out of complete respect and awe because this gymnastics team executed it perfectly.

Showing us that all those years of hard work that go into gymnast training have definitely paid off, the challenge video shows the individual team members in the gym, stopped cold in the middle of various activities and routines. For instance, one gymnast is captured dusting his hands with chalk, while a few others hold difficult poses on the mat and the balance beam.

But the highlight of the video are the two gymnasts doing handstands. One guy is shown on the parallel bars, holding himself upright at an angle (!) while the other poses on the pommel horse. Watching these gymnasts holding such ridiculously difficult poses without moving a muscle is a testament to their unbelievable athleticism and our minds are completely blown.


Now, how cool would this have been if these college athletes were able to do a mannequin challenge with U.S. Olympic gymnasts? Oh wait — they were busy doing their own:

Can someone find this group of unbelievably flexible superhuman beings some awards because these videos deserve a standing ovation.