These comfy sandals are the hottest shoe of summer, and this new report proves it

If you feel like you can’t look down without spotting yet another pair of Tevas this summer, rest assured you’re not imagining it. The comfortable sandal brand has experienced what can only be called an explosive resurgence of interest over the last few months, thanks to some strategic collabs, timely releases, and influencer placements. And finally, there’s data to back up just how popular the brand has become.

Each season, shopping aggregator Lyst releases a report on the most-searched brands and products on its platform, giving good indication of what exactly is on the rise. In its Q2 report, which spans from April through June of 2019, Lyst counts down the top 10 hottest women’s items. Teva’s Hurricane XLT2 are number two on the overall list (a close second only to the Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh 1.4 Jitney Bag) and number one among shoes.

Once marginalized from capital-F fashion and relegated to the world of utility footwear, the Teva sandal has finally infiltrated, following in the footsteps of the ugly It shoes that came before it—the dad sneaker, the Birkenstock, the Croc.

A steady trickle of celebrity endorsements (Solange’s artist series in 2016) and brand collabs (Grey Ant stilettos in 2010) crescendoed this past year with more fashion Teva moments than can be counted on all ten toes. The Teva x Outdoor Voices collection and its subsequent celebrity sightings (hi, Elle Fanning!) secured the brand’s spot on the style world’s collective consciousness.

Shoppers took notice. Lyst searches for ‘Teva Hurricane’ increased 350 percent over the last three months, while Google searches reached an all-time high in mid-July. The sandal’s clout—and its affordable price point—have been huge sales drivers this summer.

Retailing for $70 at and between $38 and $146 on Amazon, the Teva Hurricane XLT2 runs in a wide variety of colors and patterns, in women’s sizes 5 through 11.


Shop the hottest shoe of the summer starting at just $38 on Amazon.

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