This test meme is everything — and a great response to a bad test

Have you ever taken a standardized test and feel like you may be the only one in the world who thought it was too difficult? This news will make you feel less alone.

Yesterday, schools across the United Kingdom administered the Edexcel Mathematics exam (sometimes called “mathematics paper,” because across the pond everything has cooler names). The scores from this test help the government rank schools and regular curriculum. Students weren’t allowed to use a calculator for the exam, but the Edexcel board recently rewrote the test to make it easier, so it didn’t seem like it would be a big deal.

Except it was a very big deal.

Students were so traumatized by the crazy difficult test that within hours of school dismissal, Twitter was packed with negative comments branded with the #edexcelmaths hashtag. With the overwhelming response, the Edexcel paper is now less of a test and more of a meme.

Some of the most comedic tweets joked about the scenarios presented in the test’s questions, such as a girl named Jane who had a piece of cheese that she handled poorly, or lass named Hannah with a rather dramatic sweet tooth. On one hand, it stinks that so many people found the exact same problems, well, problematic, but on the other hand, these posts show that individuals weren’t alone in their struggle.

The complaints (both serious and hilarious) did not go unnoticed by the media. ITV, the same network that blessed us with Downton Abbey, included a report of the onslaught of students’ mocking commentary of the test on the evening news. Yay! It’s awesome when adults listen to what teens have to say.

Hopefully, the test will get re-revised and Jane will never cut the cheese in UK classrooms again.

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