Jimmy Kimmel Had a Very Sweet Suggestion for What Tessa Thompson Should Do After Quarantine

Kimmel's just out here looking for hugs.

Tessa Thompson leaves for Australia next week to begin filming Thor: Love and Thunder, and as much as she’s looking forward to working with costars Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, and Chris Hemsworth, she’s also excited to regain some sense of normalcy while she’s down under. Having figured out a government-run quarantine system, Australia’s coronavirus (COVID-19) cases have remained minimal—the country has reported just over 28,000 cases since the pandemic started. So, what’s the first thing Thompson is going to do once her quarantine period is over? Well, she’s taking requests.

“In alignment with this idea of sort of having survivor’s remorse, I feel like I should take requests from people—like, what I could do for them as their proxy in Australia,” Thompson said during a virtual visit to the Jimmy Kimmel Live on January 7th. “And then I could just like FaceTime people in…Whatever people want me to do—my family—and then maybe I’ll take some requests from the internet.”

Host Jimmy Kimmel wanted to put in an early request (and it’s an adorable one): I would like to just go around hugging people and shaking their hands. At this point, I’ve not touched a stranger in almost a year.

“I think I will do that,” Thompson said. “I miss the idea of an acquaintance. Remember that? The idea of seeing someone casually right now is so out of this world. Yeah. I will go hug people for you.”

Now that’s a true acquaintance for you.

Kimmel also jokingly said he can’t wait to get back to “sneezing on people” again, to which Thompson said she misses wiping her nose only to go back to casually eating a bagel. “Just germ giving and getting between perfect strangers and friends”—we miss it.

But the first thing Thompson plans to do for herself when she exits Australian quarantine is grab a jaffle, which are sandwiches without crust. They feel like a hot pocket as a sandwich. I want to have one of those because I remember them being delicious.

Honestly, our request is for Thompson to eat a jaffle for us. Being able to grab a sandwich with pals without fear of contracting a deadly virus? Yes, that’s how we want to live vicariously through her.

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